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UAV Mobile Station is the leading manufacturer in UAV mobile command stations, dedicated to providing the ideal studio for our customers to fly in a controlled environment while simultaneously collecting, analyzing & processing real time data. Built to handle any project and with the future in mind, UAV Mobile Stations are designed to be versatile in keeping up with the fast changing UAV industry.


Built by passionate fabricators and engineers from the ground up to fit the needs and requirements of our customers, UAV Mobile Stations are sturdy and versatile command stations built to last. Offering various sizes ranging from 14' to 32', UAV Mobile Stations can accommodate any amount of personnel and cargo. 


A UAV Mobile Station build always begins with the customer. We take pride in sitting down with you to discuss exactly what you are working with and what you hope to accomplish with your station. We have found that no two builds are ever the same. Throughout the build process we share photos and updates to keep you involved in the designing stages and build-out. 


Working with a wide array of clients has allowed us to hone our products to fit not just any single industry. UAV Mobile Station is proud to have worked with companies ranging from military contractors, county emergency services, state departments, and surveyors. 



UAV Mobile Stations, LLC was founded in 2015 with the idea of providing an affordable, environmentally controlled space to store equipment, fly, review and share data. Since then, UAV Mobile Stations, LLC has grown through the effort of working with our local communities in building a more knowledgeable UAV community, sharing our what we've learned and learning from others. We believe that we can never stop growing and it is our duty to help innovate and provide a product that will only continue to advance and support the community we are proud to be a part of. 


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