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Who Are We?

The leading manufacturer in mobile command stations for drone operations. Serving in various Industrial and Emergency Management fields, our UAV Mobile Stations push the limit of drone capabilities along side real time flight analysis and data processing.

Our UAV Mobile Stations provide quick easily deployed studios for collecting, processing, analyzing and editing in the field which is perfect for any industry utilizing UAV's. Each station is custom designed to each client's needs, whether working in Police and Fire, Education, Surveying & Mapping, Photo & Video or Security Surveillance. UAV Mobile Station offers something for everyone.

What Do Our Stations Offer?

  • Live Stream Capabilities to Clients from anywhere

  • Real Time Data collection & Transfer

  • Interior & Exterior Monitors/Workstations

  • Satellite and Mifi Systems

  • Antenna Boosters for Extended Flight & VIDEO feed range

  • Desktop/Laptop Stations

  • Self Sufficient 4-6 hours of Battery Powered Systems

  • Generator Hookup for Extended Power

  • A/C & Heating

  • Fly up to Four Aircraft's at once

  • Record every flight with DVR

  • Monitor Weather Conditions

  • Connect and Transfer data to any other mobile command

  • Flight Deck gives Drone Operator's  better LOS and Awareness during Flight

Why choose a UAV Mobile Station?

It's the professional choice 

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Tired of working out of your trunk or truck bed? 
No way to view and process information while in the field? 
Look no further!
UAV Mobile Stations are changing how Industry Professionals are able to implement UAV drone solutions and operations.
Expand your field capabilities with a custom built UAV Mobile Station today! 

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