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The Process from Start to Finish

Image by Thomas Drouault
Structural Designing
Step 1 : Finding What is Right for You

It all starts with a simple phone call! We are here to talk to you about the opportunities a UAV Mobile Station can offer to any business. Proudly working with police/fire departments, government agencies, security, surveyors, electric and military contractors around the country, we have an understanding of what will help suit your needs. 

Step 2 : Designing & Quoting

Once we have an understanding of what your mission with a UAV Mobile Station is, we will work to find the right trailer and equipment to fit your needs as well as design a layout that will optimize workflow and provide space and comfort to your party.

Image by Dane Deaner
Step 3 : The Build

The build! Personally, our favorite part! UAV Mobile Station, LLC takes pride in every build because no two stations are ever the same. We dedicate approximately 6-10 weeks to the building process, depending on size and complexity of your quoted station. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on our progression through stages of the build so you are always in the loop. 

Step 4 : Delivery 

Whether you want your UAV Mobile Station delivered directly to you, or if you want to pick it up from our facility yourself, UAV Mobile Station, LLC offers a 1-2 day training on all the "ins and outs" of your station. We will walk you through all power management systems, start-up and functions of all installed equipment ensuring you drive away feeling comfortable and confident about using your new UAV Mobile Station!

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