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UAV Mobile Station Features

Power Sources 


UAV Mobile Stations contain three sources of power: Shore, Generator and Inverter Power. The Mobile Stations also contain a 30 amp transfer switch which will seamlessly transfer power to the batteries in the event of another power sources failure. The station is self sufficient in that a generator or shore power is not necessary. With 4-6 hours of battery life, the inverter allows all components in the Mobile Station to function at full capacity.



Remote Panel with voltage and load meter. 


Battery Power


Battery power consists of four large deep cell marine batteries sealed in vented battery boxes with built in 3-stage battery charger and 30 Amp breaker box.


Battery Cabinet


Thermostat controlled battery cabinet allows for ventilation while batteries are charging. The thermostat draws cool air into the cabinet so the batteries never overheat.




The Mobile Station is equipped with wall outlets and 3V USB outlets. This includes two pop-up power supply outlets. Desktop/Laptops A high end desktop is installed for fast processing and data storage. The desktop can also be substituted with docking stations for personal or work laptops



A high end desktop is installed for fast processing and data storage. The desktop can also be substituted with docking stations for personal or work laptops.




There are two individual workstations each equipped with a monitor, HDMI (in & out), LAN, and USB interfaces. Workstations may also come equipped with an FPV Station.


FPV Stations


Consisting of two antenna connections with 3 Watt power boosters connected to two exterior 2.4 omni antennas, a pilot is capable of flying from within a Mobile Station with a radio modified with antenna leads for extended range.




Mobile Stations come equipped with two high-back gamer style desk chairs.




5 HDTV Monitors - Three interior, two exterior


4G Wireless Router


WiFi System with dual sim cards for two wireless services and a 2.4 diversity roof mounted antenna.


Live Stream


Stand still encoder with recording capabilities. Live streams are capable of being sent out via 4G Wireless Router and recorded directly onto an SD card.


HDMI Matrix


4x4 HDMI Matrix allows four HDMI feeds in to be distributed to four HDMI outs throughout the Mobile Station. The Matrix allows the user to move the feeds to any monitor or device throughout the trailer with the push of a button.


Exterior Interface


The exterior interface consists of three HDMI interfaces as well as USB and LAN interfaces. The interface is also equipped with an additional FPV station to allow a pilot flying outside the Mobile Station to feed information inside.


Weather Station


Equipped with a 5 in 1 weather station and wind sock, Mobile Stations are capable of gathering ample, accurate weather data for pre-flight and flight conditions.




The Mobile Station is equipped with two satellite interfaces, one interior, one exterior, for additional internet connection when out of range of cellular services.




Ground Fault Interrupt exterior outlet

Retractable Awning


Awning allows for easy set up on exterior of the Mobile Station providing protection from outside elements when working with the exterior interfaces.

HDTV Antenna


Roof mounted HDTV antenna for retrieving local tv stations.



1300 BTU thermostat controlled Air Conditioner with Heat Element allows for comfortable working conditions all year.

UAV Mobile Station offers live stream capabilities via Mifi or satellite along with ample work-space for a pilot, camera operator, and mission coordinator making a UAV Mobile Station  the perfect solution to provide quick and easy communication and efficient workflow.

Look professional with a UAV Mobile Station equipped with all the tools you need. Takeoff FPV using an HDTV monitor inside or outside the station, then immediately process your aerial data on a high-end desktop.

Work day or night under a lighted and air-conditioned environment. The workbenches are framed and made with top-quality materials. They’ll stand up to whatever you throw at them.

Fly further distances while still in line of sight with antenna boosters along the outside of your UAV Mobile Station. Pilot deck allows the drone operator to feed information inside the trailer while still viewing camera operations on an outside monitor

•  Fire/Police Departments: Our stations have proven themselves in the municipal field of fire and police departments ranging from uses in survelliance and perimeter checks to search and rescue operations. UAV Mobile Stations offer a private quarter for personell to fly FPV in order to clearly monitor flight footage on 32" screens and have the workspace to safely and successfully conduct operations.

•  Mapping/Inspection: Manage and analyze your data of rooftop inspections, 3D mapping, construction zones, etc with a Mobile Station that is ideal for flying long range while viewing the footage from the comfort of a mobile office. Process and edit photos and video on the spot to ensure all areas were covered and are accurate.

•  Photo/Video Production: Whether shooting for a commercial, short film, or a large production, UAV Mobile  Station allows videographers the opportunity for high speed processing and editing of footage taken right there on site. It can be hard to monitor your footage from a small tablet flying in the field, and getting the perfect shot becomes even more of a challenge. Flying FPV from inside a Mobile Station will ensure you know what you are looking at and that you get the perfect angle.