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What's In a UAV Mobile Station

Mobile Station

  • Standard Trailer sizes range from 14' x 7' to 20' x 8.5'  ​providing versatile & easily deploy-able stations

  • Battery & Inverter Powered Systems  run  Self-Sufficiently  for up to 4-6 Hours

  • 200 Watt Solar for Constant Battery Charging provides the extra power you need 

  • Generator Hookup & Shore Power for Extended and Long-Term uses in the field

  • A/C & Heating provide a controlled climate environment to work from all year round

  • Ample Storage and 12V Power Supplies conveniently located to keep equipment charged

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  • Satellite Hookups and Cellular Wireless Router Systems provide fast, reliable internet connections from anywhere

  • Desktop and Laptop stations allow you to process data, manage applications and communication

  • Live Stream/Recording Devices stream to clients / head command from any location

  • Monitor weather conditions through mounted weather stations

  • Pneumatic Masts provide extended height for communication and other antenna systems. 



  • Flight Decks give Drone Operators better Line of Sight and Awareness during flight

  • Exterior Awnings keep sun and glare from exterior interface 

  • Interior & Exterior Workstations equipped with HDMI, LAN and USB inputs to keep you connected

  • Simultaneously fly multiple UAV's from  any interior/exterior interface

  • Stations allow for Extended Flight & Video feed range

  • HDMI Matrix allows feeds from any interface to be displayed on any other monitors in the trailer

UAV Mobile Station Gallery

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